Split APKs Installer (SAI)

SAI is an advanced APK installer with split APK support. It also has simple app backup/export functionality.
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Feb 25, 2021
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In the dynamic world of Android app installations and backups, SAI emerges as a versatile and user-friendly tool. Offering split APK support and straightforward app backup/export features, SAI simplifies the Android experience for both novice and experienced users.

Understanding SAI’s Capabilities

Split APKs Installer SAI Main

Sophisticated APK Installation

SAI excels in installing Android apps through various methods:

  1. Standard Android API: For seamless and hassle-free installations, SAI utilizes the standard Android API, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and Android versions.
  2. Root Access: SAI extends its capabilities to users with rooted devices, providing enhanced control over app installations and system-level access.
  3. Shizuku Integration: Going the extra mile, SAI seamlessly integrates with Shizuku, offering a comprehensive installation experience with added functionality and flexibility.
Split APKs Installer (SAI) UI

Open-Source and Accessible

SAI is committed to transparency and open-source values. Its source code is readily available on GitHub, offering a platform for developers and enthusiasts to explore, contribute, and customize. Visit the GitHub repository at github.com/Aefyr/SAI to dive into the code and engage with the SAI community.

Split APKs Installer SAI Settings

Important Considerations

User Responsibility

It’s crucial to note that SAI operates by installing user-provided files. While it facilitates the installation process, SAI is not responsible for the behavior or actions of the installed apps. Users should exercise caution and diligence when selecting and installing apps through SAI.

Device and ROM Compatibility

Split APKs Installer SAI Pro Unlocked

SAI is a versatile tool, but it’s essential to be aware that some devices and custom ROMs may not be fully supported. This limitation arises from variations in Android API implementations within certain ROMs. Unfortunately, these issues cannot be resolved on the app side, but the SAI team continues to work diligently to expand compatibility.

Overall, SAI stands as a powerful yet user-friendly APK installer and app backup tool, catering to a broad spectrum of Android users. With its diverse installation methods, open-source nature, and commitment to transparency, SAI is a valuable addition to the Android app management ecosystem. While using SAI, remember to exercise prudence and be mindful of device compatibility for a seamless experience.

What's new

4.5: • Added a setting to disable opening .apk files via SAI • SAF fixes for Android 11 • Added warning when installing huge (>150MB) apps 4.4: • Fixed in issue where system suggested SAI when opening any type of file • Added Sui support for Shizuku Installer Legendary SAI update Pog 4.3: • Support for opening .apk files via SAI • APKM support (only for the unencrypted .apkm files) • Installer Pro mode is now enabled by default • Config splits shouldn't be marked as Unknown anymore