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Manage your Android media effortlessly with NP Manager APK. Download NP Manager APK now for a hassle-free file management experience.
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NP Manager
May 05, 2024
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Let’s delve into NP Manager, a tool for managing media files on your Android device, your ultimate solution for managing all your media files on your Android device. From APKs to Dex files, Jars, Smalis, PDFs, and even videos and music, this app has got you covered. And guess what? It’s not just a boring file manager; it’s got some cool tricks up its sleeve!

Discovering NP Manager APK

Imagine a magical toolbox for your Android device that lets you organize, play with, and do fun things with all your digital treasures. That’s exactly what NP Manager APK is. This app is like your personal assistant for managing everything from your apps and games to documents and videos, all in one convenient place. And guess what? It’s super easy to use, even for kids!

Why NP Manager APK Rocks

NP Manager APK is more than just your run-of-the-mill file manager; it’s a powerful tool that simplifies your digital life. Here’s why it’s so awesome:

1. Easy Peasy Media Management

Managing your media files has never been this simple. Whether you want to organize your apps, sort your music, or tidy up your documents, NP Manager APK makes it a breeze. Plus, it can handle all those techy things like APKs, Dex files, Jars, Smalis, PDFs, and more.

2. Find What You Need, Fast!

Ever had trouble finding a file in the chaos of your device? NP Manager APK has your back. With its handy Search and Recents functions, you can locate your stuff in a snap. Looking for that game you just downloaded? Tap on Recents, and it’ll be right there, ready for action. Need a specific document? Use the search bar and find it by name, extension, size, or type. It’s like having a treasure map for your digital goodies!

3. It’s Like a Computer, But Cooler

You know how your computer has that trusty file manager? NP Manager APK is like that, but with a touch of magic. You can copy, move, delete, and rename files and folders just like a pro. It can even create and modify Zip files, and you can make super-secret encrypted Zip files for your top-secret documents. Plus, it comes with its very own music player, video player, picture viewer, and document reader. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your media!

4. Kid-Friendly and Fun

Now, here’s the exciting part for our young readers. NP Manager APK is designed to be kid-friendly and fun to use. It’s not just for grown-ups; kids can explore and learn with it too. You can organize your favorite games, sort your drawings, and even create special folders for your school projects. And don’t forget, it’s got some cool themes to choose from. Bright or dark, you can make it look just the way you like it.

A Tour of NP Manager APK

Let’s take a closer look at some of the cool features of NP Manager APK:

1. The Home Screen: Your Digital Playground

When you open NP Manager APK, you’ll see something called the “home screen.” It’s like your very own playground for all your digital stuff. Everything is neatly organized into folders, making it super easy to find what you’re looking for. And guess what? You can use split-screen mode to compare two windows at once. It’s like having two playgrounds side by side!

2. Themes Galore

Remember how you can change the look of your favorite games or apps? Well, NP Manager APK lets you do that too! You can choose from different themes to make it look bright and colorful or dark and mysterious. And if you want to get really fancy, you can change the colors and shapes of the icons. It’s like dressing up your digital friends in cool outfits.

3. More Than Just Files

But NP Manager APK isn’t just about files; it’s about making your digital world awesome. With the optional update, you can do even more cool stuff:

  • Surf the internet and access your cloud storage.
  • Explore your photo and video galleries.
  • Jam out to your favorite tunes with the music player.
  • Watch videos with the video player.
  • View pictures with the picture viewer.
  • Read documents with the document viewer.
  • Share files with your friends, even without using data!

Super Cool Features of NP Manager APK

Now, let’s dive into the techy side of NP Manager APK. It’s not just about managing files; it can do some really amazing things:

  • Convert file formats like Dex, Jar, and Smali between each other.
  • Merge and split Dex files.
  • Encode and obfuscate strings in.apk, .dex, and .jar files.
  • Sign APKs, disable signature verification, and do other fancy tricks.
  • Edit PDFs like a pro: combine, secure, divide, extract, unlock, and delete pages.
  • Play around with audio and video, edit videos, and extract streams.
  • Convert from GBK to UTF-8 (that’s like speaking different languages for files).
  • Keep things consistent when you’re checking out files.
  • Edit Dex files, encrypt strings, and more.

Unlocking the Magic of NP Manager APK

But that’s not all! NP Manager APK has even more tricks up its sleeve:

  • Detect Xposed and pop-up windows with a single tap.
  • Explore Axml files with character constants and XML decompilation.
  • Get rid of annoying pop-ups (like Toast) and inject LOG with just one click.
  • Easily convert encrypted strings into readable form.
  • Rename Dex files with a simple click.
  • Encrypt strings in Apk files (perfect for secret missions).
  • Add inappropriate images and crash logs to your app with just a click.
  • Tweak XML code like a pro.
  • Keep characters constant when viewing Dex files.
  • Enjoy super-efficient Dex obfuscation with Dex Super Obfuscation 3.0.
  • Join the debate on the DEX function of Apk.
  • Dive into Dex Editor Plus, with search, Smali editing, and continuous character viewing.
  • And for all you coding pros out there, NP Manager APK supports syntax highlighting in major text editors like Smali, Java, and AXML.

Final Thoughts

NP Manager APK is like having a superhero for your digital world. It’s a fun and friendly tool that helps you manage your media, games, and documents with ease. And the best part? It’s not just for grown-ups; kids can have a blast with it too. So, whether you’re a tech whiz or just getting started, give NP Manager APK a spin and unlock the magic of digital organization. Happy managing, everyone!

What's new

NP Manager 3.1.8

  • Added support for multiple compression formats (such as 7z, tar, xz, lz4, zstd, etc.), including decompression and viewing of password-protected compressed files.
  • Optimized the apks-to-apk conversion feature.
  • Enhanced standalone Dex file obfuscation—automatically merge when generating multiple files.
  • Improved Dex string decryption—no longer limiting the number of methods processed each time.
  • Optimized the smoothness of viewing image files in the compressed package file list.
  • Upgraded Umeng SDK to version 9.6.8.
  • Dex processing library now supports Dex 040 format.
  • Dex editing now supports label jumping.
  • Compatibility with a pseudo-encrypted axml.
  • Added support for comparing a folder or file in different file lists.
  • Fixed language switching settings abnormality from the previous version.
  • Fixed abnormal display of search result quantity and positioning bug when searching Dex by class name.
  • Fixed redundant search result when selecting resource ID as the search type in Arsc search.
  • Fixed abnormal display of file search results in the menu.
  • Fixed issue where files couldn't be found when searching inside a compressed package if "Search Subdirectories" was unchecked.
  • Fixed an issue with CRC32 display for a specific file.
  • Fixed Dex comparison anomaly.
  • Fixed issue where file list images remained unchanged after updating.
  • Fixed various known UI and interaction issues.
  • Corrected some Russian translation errors.

NP Manager 3.1.4

  • Added support for dual-end login (for permanent users only).
  • Added font size setting for file lists.
  • List scrollbar supports dragging.
  • Added "Create and Import" button in the key generation dialog, eliminating the need to repeatedly fill in key information for quick import of signatures.
  • /data/app and /system/app directories now display small icons of the corresponding apps.
  • Synchronized LspSignKiller version to v0.6, supporting switching to the old version.
  • Activity records now support viewing historical records.
  • Optimized Apk-Dcc function preprocessing, and deletion of .so files not checked in the ABI configuration.
  • Optimized sorting by name speed (for files and extracted installation package lists).
  • Fixed an issue where using incorrect regular expressions during search would cause the program to crash.
  • Fixed an exception when comparing Dex files with higher version Dex files.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple files could not be shared when selected.
  • Fixed an exception in axml decompilation and recompilation.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for uppercase letters in installation package extraction yielded no results, and sorting was disabled under filtering conditions.
  • Fixed a serious bug in RES deobfuscation.
  • Fixed some UI errors.

NP Manager 3.1.1

  1. Enhance extraction of installation package lists to include identification information for APK files.
  2. Support modifying the timestamp of individual files.
  3. Dex editing now allows selecting and opening multiple non-APK Dex files within the same directory.
  4. Fix an issue where using Shizuku prevented normal access to USB device files.
  5. Resolve an issue with abnormal multiple selection in file lists.
  6. Fix a bug in the universal editing feature where replacing icons in APKs would fail.

NP Manager 3.0.92

  1. Added timestamp conversion tool to the navigation bar.
  2. FancyBypass upgraded to version 2.3.3 - ① Preliminary adaptation to HarmonyOS ② Fixed bugs causing inactivity in Xposed environment ③ Fixed crashes in some applications due to Provider issues.
  3. Fixed some UI display abnormalities.

NP Manager 3.0.87

  • Fixed the file list exception in the previous version.

NP Manager 3.0.84

  • Optimize control flow obfuscation 7.0—compatible with new instructions in dex037 and above versions.
  • Optimize Smali syntax queries.
  • Optimize some UI displays.
  • Fix a bug in the server Jar2Dex.
  • Fix a bug in Dex2Jar.
  • Adjust the font size of the file list to change with the system.

NP Manager 3.0.83

  • Fixed a bug from the previous version where Apk signing did not automatically align optimizations.

NP Manager 3.0.82

  • Updated dex2jar to the latest version and dx to v30.0.2.
  • Upgraded Proguard version for Apk obfuscation on the server to 7.4.1.
  • Updated Jadx to v1.47, FernFlower to the latest version, and Procyon to v0.6.0.
  • Upgraded control flow obfuscation 7.0, addressing fixes and improvements for flattening.
  • Updated apksigner to the latest version and improved the signing information reading speed for large Apk files.
  • Optimized Apk functionality - now supports universal editing and replacement of App icons, without size restrictions.
  • Optimized Dex obfuscation dictionary extraction and Dex merging.
  • Fixed a bug related to XML text formatting.
  • Fixed a bug in Res resource obfuscation.
  • Fixed two bugs in arsc file parsing, including sorting arsc edits by name.
  • Fixed the issue of Apk signing status not displaying the V3.1 scheme.
  • Fixed a bug where encountering duplicate classes during string decryption resulted in an error.
  • Corrected some Turkish translations.
  • Fixed various other known bugs.

NP Manager 3.0.81

  • Control Flow Obfuscation - Added separate setting for minSdkVersion in Jar2Dex (default is to read minSdkVersion from axml).
  • Optimized file list multi-selection.
  • Fixed an exception handling issue with .apk.1 file processing.
  • Fixed occasional program crashes during file list display.

NP Manager 3.0.79

  • Fixed the bug where axml failed to process unknown attributes.
  • If you forget your password, you can reset it by yourself only through your email address (no account required).
  • Optimize Apk coexistence.
  • Added Persian translation to Smali grammar.