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Supercharge your Android experience with MT Manager. Download MT Manager APK today and take command of your device, mastering APK editing and advanced file management for a seamless user experience.
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May 05, 2024
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MT Manager, a versatile APK editor and file management tool, has gained immense popularity among Android enthusiasts. In this extensive guide, we will delve deep into the intricate workings of MT Manager, unveiling its potential to help users effectively manage files, edit applications, and perform tasks that require root permissions. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just starting on your journey, this comprehensive article offers insights into harnessing the full potential of MT Manager.

Section 1: Getting Started with MT Manager

MT Manager APK
  • Understanding the Basics: To begin, let’s dive into the fundamental features of MT Manager, a multifunctional tool designed to streamline the management of Android devices.
  • Root Permissions: At the core of MT Manager’s capabilities lies the need for root permissions. With superuser privileges, you gain access to a wide array of functionalities, enabling you to manipulate user and system apps.
    Real-World Example: Consider a scenario where you need to remove bloatware (pre-installed apps) to enhance device performance and free up storage space. MT Manager, with root access, allows you to achieve this efficiently.
  • APK File Editing: A standout feature of MT Manager is its ability to edit APK files at a granular level. This includes modifying Dex, ARSC, and XML code, optimizing applications, creating clones, signing apps, eliminating verifications, and introducing translations.User Tip: When editing APK files, it is crucial to create backups to facilitate a swift recovery in case any issues arise.

Section 2: File Management with MT Manager

MT Manager Extact System Apps
  • File Explorer Feature: MT Manager’s file explorer feature proves to be invaluable, especially for users with rooted devices. It unveils access to system folders that are typically hidden, offering comprehensive navigation and modification of files.
    Real-World Example: You can employ this feature to customize your device’s boot animation, which is often hidden within system files.
  • Mounting System Folders: MT Manager’s capacity to mount system folders and modify file permissions and ownership extends the user’s control over the device’s files. This functionality is particularly useful for advanced users who desire precise adjustments to system settings.

Section 3: Additional Features of MT Manager

MT Manager Extract APK
  • Text Editing Tool: Beyond its file management capabilities, MT Manager boasts a suite of auxiliary functions, including a text editor, picture viewer, music player, font previewer, script executor, and text contrast tools. These features empower users to perform tasks that go beyond basic file management.
    User Tip: The text editor can be harnessed for modifying system files, translating applications, or even scripting advanced changes.
  • User-Friendly Sidebar: MT Manager streamlines navigation with a user-friendly sidebar, providing quick access to storage devices, FTP connections, bookmarks, backgrounds, tools, and more.
    User Tip: Customize the sidebar to prioritize the features you use most frequently, enhancing your workflow.

Section 4: Advanced APK Editing with MT Manager

MT Manager Options
  • Dex Editor, ARSC Editor, and XML Editor: Delving deeper into the world of APK editing, MT Manager offers a high level of control over applications. This includes the ability to manipulate code, resources, and application behavior extensively.
    Real-World Example: You might want to customize an app’s user interface by editing its XML files or adjust its behavior by modifying its Dex code. MT Manager provides the tools to make these changes.
  • APK Customization: Going beyond basic editing, MT Manager enables users to sign APKs, optimize them, create clones, remove signature verification, obfuscate resources, and translate apps.
    User Tip: Experiment with cloned apps to have multiple instances of an application with distinct settings, or create personalized versions of your favorite apps.

Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions

MT Manager Preferences
  • Where to Download MT Manager APK: Detailed instructions on downloading the MT Manager APK for Android from reputable sources.
  • Safety Assurance: A discussion on the safety of using MT Manager, with insights based on VirusTotal reports and general security practices.
  • Installing MT Manager on PC: Guidance on installing MT Manager on a PC using an Android emulator, expanding the utility of the tool to desktop environments.
  • MOD Versions Warning: The risks associated with downloading unofficial MOD versions of MT Manager and the importance of using official versions.

Section 6: User Tips and Best Practices

MT Manager Settings
  • Backup Your Data: Stressing the importance of regularly backing up your device before making any changes using MT Manager.
  • Understand the Risks: Encouraging users to be aware of the potential consequences of APK editing and system file modification.
  • Stay Informed: Suggesting that users keep themselves updated on the latest developments in the Android rooting and file management scene.
  • Community Support: Highlighting the availability of online forums and communities where users can seek advice and solutions for specific issues.

Final Thought

MT Manager is a powerhouse tool that empowers users to manage, edit, and take control of their Android devices with exceptional precision. Whether you’re an advanced user looking to fine-tune your system or a novice intrigued by the possibilities, this guide has provided you with the knowledge and tools to make the most of MT Manager. Unlock the full potential of your Android device and enhance your user experience with this versatile tool.

What's new

MT Manager 2.15.3

  • New Java decompilation engine added: VineFlower
  • Added AXml comparison feature (requires selecting two APK files)
  • Optimized Dex comparison feature to ignore resource ID changes more effectively
  • Enhanced algorithm for compressing HTML code in the text editor
  • Improved layout of search functionality in the text editor for clearer display of options
  • Added support to apply APK signing settings only to specified package names
  • Added toggle in main settings to enable/disable loading thumbnails from external storage
  • In multi-select mode on the main interface, long-pressing the class selection button allows selection of additional options
  • Utilized MT text input boxes in more interfaces instead of system input boxes
  • Implemented syntax highlighting for regular expressions in input boxes to improve readability
  • When copying files, the target file's inode and SELinux context will remain unchanged when overwriting
  • After disabling the creation of backup files, modifications to files will be written directly to the original file instead of creating a new file and then renaming it to overwrite
  • When installation of APK using Shizuku or Root fails, detailed error messages are displayed instead of invoking the system installer
  • Added functionality in Dex++ navigation to copy method invoke code and field get/put code
  • Fixed issue where the selection list for switching syntax in the text editor did not update immediately after installing or uninstalling syntax files
  • Fixed problem where syntax highlighting data in the text editor was not immediately refreshed after installing updated syntax files
  • Resolved issue with MT text input boxes where the floating menu displayed incorrectly in certain situations
  • Fixed error in JavaScript code formatting feature when handling strings
  • Corrected issue with incorrect validity period of generated BKS signatures

MT Manager 2.15.2

  • Cloud backup feature now supports backing up theme color settings.
  • Added a toggle case button in the file verification interface.
  • Enhanced the operation logic of the text editor when using the up/down keys.
  • The minimum zoom level for the text editor with two fingers can now be scaled down to 6sp (previously 8sp).
  • Fixed the issue of accounts occasionally being logged out in certain situations.
  • Resolved a crash-causing problem in the installation package extraction feature.
  • Fixed the problem of WebDav not supporting DriveHQ.
  • Addressed the issue of possible crashes when switching to night mode on EMUI systems.
  • Fixed a critical issue where copying/moving files in search results could lead to file loss.
  • Resolved the problem where external apps might fail to open js, jar, and json files using MT.
  • Fixed the issue where optimized files from APK data reuse optimization feature were unable to be installed.
  • Corrected the problem where input boxes with a record feature might display initial content as blank when records are present.

MT Manager 2.15.1

  • The text editor now features Go language syntax highlighting.
  • The network storage configuration page has added the option to enable multi-threaded transmission.
  • The prompt before deleting files now includes information on the number and size of files.
  • The file content input box in the file search interface now supports history records.
  • Some interfaces now allow input boxes to support line breaks with the Enter key (such as in the text editor search and replace).
  • Improved compatibility of Arsc-related functions with Android 14.
  • Enhanced compatibility of Dex string decryption function with HarmonyOS 4.0 system.
  • Upgraded Dex processing library to support Dex 040 and Dex 041 formats.
  • Dex obfuscation countermeasure function now supports custom matching rules and classes to be processed.
  • Optimized code structure of Dex obfuscation countermeasure function to reduce occurrences of memory shortages.
  • Fixed the issue of frequent Shizuku authorization timeouts in some systems.
  • Rectified the problem of incorrect interface font color when system theme following is enabled.
  • Resolved the issue of error occurrence when pasting special symbols in the terminal emulator.
  • Corrected the problem of extra character deletion when using the customized version of the Sogou input method in the text editor.
  • Fixed the issue of inability to move files and rename them when using Chinese domain names in WebDav.
  • Addressed the problem of JavaScript formatting not supporting Chinese function names.

The following features are now available for non-VIP users (primarily with low technical content):

  • Custom package name feature for Apk coexistence.
  • Batch deletion feature in Dex Editor++.
  • Custom extraction feature for installation packages.
  • Translation mode no longer limits the number of dictionaries.

MT Manager 2.14.4

Implement several new pseudo-encryption techniques for AXml and Arsc files. Enable display of application icons on apks/xapk files. Support calling WeChat Pay to activate membership on coexisting/testing versions. Enhance the stability of invoking Shikuzu for obtaining Shell permissions. Optimize syntax highlighting rules for Shell and JavaScript in the text editor. When opening source code formatted strings/arrays/plurals.xml files using a text editor, enter translation mode through the top-right menu. In Arsc++ editor, open strings/arrays/plurals.xml files, and enter translation mode through the top-right menu. Address an error in the Arsc++ compiler. Fix a control display issue on the script executor interface. Resolve the problem where files accessed with Shell permissions cannot be shared. Rectify the issue of modification time changing after directly moving a folder. Fix FTPS functionality to connect to servers with session-reuse enabled. Resolve the "Get shell's uid failed" error on certain devices during startup.

MT Manager 2.14.3

  1. Support for invoking Shizuku to obtain Shell permissions to access directories such as Android/data, /data/local/tmp.
    • Enhance file injection provider functionality: Introduce the user_de_data directory, always displaying android_data and android_obb directories.
    • In cases where modified files are not successfully uploaded to network storage, locate the modified files using the prompt button.
    • In cases where updating to a compressed file is not supported after modifying files, locate the modified files using the prompt button.
    • File list filtering functionality supports the use of regular expressions (prefixed with /, see the user manual for details in the Quick Start section).
    • Manually confirm the execution of the cd command when entering the terminal from the upper-right menu.
  2. Signature key generation now supports choosing between jks or bks formats.
    • Text editor shortcut functions now support repeating short press functions by long-pressing.
    • Export and import of text editor shortcut function data (VIP feature).
    • Development of additional features in syntax files for the text editor, details in the user manual.
    • Optimize text editor syntax highlighting rules for Shell and JavaScript, improving accuracy in recognizing strings.
  3. Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
    • Fix an issue on Android 14 systems where the /data/app directory folders do not display APK icons.
    • Fix the problem of being unable to install APK files larger than 2GB after V2/V3 signing.
    • Fix the issue of incorrectly handling strings within backticks when formatting JavaScript.
    • Fix the text editor freezing issue when commenting out a large amount of text.
    • Fix the occasional crash issue when long-pressing the text editor's floating menu on certain phones.
    • Fix the problem of RES resource obfuscation causing the fontFamily attribute to be ineffective.
    • Fix the terminal emulator not closing properly after a session ends by pressing Enter.
    • Fix the issue of being unable to open apk.1 files in WeChat using MT.
    • Fix the occasional unresponsiveness issue when long-pressing files on the main interface.
    • Fix the problem of APK signing status not displaying the V3.1 scheme.
    • Fix a bug in the ARSC decompilation engine.

MT Manager 2.14.2

Update the terminal extension package to version 3.0, adding commands such as ssh, openssl, wget, curl, sed, iconv, etc. Note: The new version of the extension package is not compatible with the previous version. After installation, the MT terminal functionality of version 2.14.1 will be unavailable.

  • Fix the issue where the text editor crashes when sharing very large text.
  • Fix the problem of WebDav getting stuck after uploading a file.
  • Fix the error that occurs when opening a file from QQ using MT.
  • Fix the issue with the text editor in the previous version where the file retention functionality was not working.
  • Fix the problem of incorrect file extension after processing apk.1 files in the new generation.

MT Manager 2.14.1

✅ Added multiple new features, fixed several known bugs. For details, please check within the app.